Ophtec offers an extensive range of products for ophthalmic surgeons.  Ophtec have been manufacturing high quality surgical devices for refractive, cataract and trauma surgery for over 25 years. 

Ophtec has considerable expertise in finding mechanical solutions for eyes which have been damaged through accident, disease or congenital defect.  Ophtec’s trauma surgery products include standard design intraocular lenses which can be placed in the sulcus and iris prosthetic implants which can be implanted into the capsular bag at the time of cataract surgery.  Trauma cases are seldom standard, therefore, Ophtec specialises in making custom made, patient design implants for almost every distinctive problem.  This is unique in the world of ophthalmic surgery.

Furthermore, Ophtec offers a wide range of Artisan/Artiflex/Toric Iris Clip Lenses for patients who are aphakic, hyperopic or myopic, correcting  up to -23 of sphere and up to 7.5d of cylinder.  This is ideal for patients whose outcome requires adjustment for post-operative surprises, paediatric, VR and refractive patients. In particular, for the cataract and refractive surgeons who can now offer their patients the Artiflex Toric lens, which can be implanted through a 3.2mm incision.  Spectrum UK offers a service for calculating your patients’ lens requirements which is useful for the more challenging refractions.