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VSY Biotechnology is a progressive and innovative company that focuses on consumer satisfaction by creating superior state-of-the-art ophthalmology and orthopedics products designed and manufactured to greatly enhance and improve vision and comfort for a wide range of patients around the globe. Starting from its foundation to today, quality and safety standards are the source of our success.

To meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals around the globe, VSY Biotechnology serves to more than 60 countries around the globe from our headquarter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

With our know-how in biotechnology, we will continue to enlighten the world by combining these disciplines for the patients.

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Acriva Trinova Toric

  • 92% Effective Light Transmission

  • Excellent MTF results at all distances

  • Widest depth of focus

  • Outstanding visual outcomes even at mesopic conditions

  • Compensation effect on minor post-op refractive error

  • Tolerance for slight tilts

  • Minimized dysphotopsia due to the reduced scattered ligh



Best Solution is Plate Haptic

Larger incision causes higher surgically induced astigmatism and directly affects post-operative refractive outcomes. Since it enables implantation through sub 2.0mm incision, it minimizes surgically induced astigmatism and stays in capsular bag without rotation. Therefore AcrivaUD  Trinova Toric IOL with plate haptic design is the best choice.

The alignment of AcrivaUD  Trinova Toric IOL is easier as it can be rotated in both directions during operation. Since the whole haptic surface is in contact with the capsular bag, plate haptic design always delivers excellent rotational stability.


AcrivaUD  Easy Toric Calculator

AcrivaUD Easy Toric Calculator is developed to assist you to easily plan your surgery and to help you maximize the

benefits of your toric lens.

Revolution in Trifocal IOL

A new era begins

AcrivaUD Trinova is manufactured with Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT) that is invented by VSY Biotechnology. The SVT is a unique patent pending technique to produce an IOL optical surface which does not exhibit any sharp edges. It provides best optical performance in trifocal IOL design. The lens shape is derived from sinusoidal functions and results in smoothly varying surface profiles. Therefore ideal continuous vision is achieved as opposed to common traditional overlapping diffraction pattern trifocal IOLs with sharp edges. This concept also helps to reduce halos and scattered light.


AcrivaUD Trinova is designed with stepless zones. Twelve unique ridges create highest light transmission and optimum light distribution through all optical diameters. Better contrast sensitivity and dynamic visual performance at all distances! Ultra-Definition (UD) Aspheric optic and chromatic aberration free structure leading to Enhanced Depth of Focus (EDOF) provide continuous vision hence, spectacle independence at all distances. Based upon this know-how VSY Biotechnology improved EDOF optic design and now introduces Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT).











Highest Light Transmission

It is known that overlapping diffractive pattern trifocal IOLs cause significant light loss. Each one percentage in light loss affects patients’ overall visual performances exponentially. AcrivaUD Trinova ensures maximum light transfer thanks to its stepless diffractive zones. Higher light transmission provides better contrast sensitivity.


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Superior Optical Performance

Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) is the measurement of the ability of an optical system to transfer contrast (from the object to the image) as a function of spatial frequency.  The criteria of a “Good” optical system have been set by the International Standards Organization ISO 11979-2.

AcrivaUD Trinova shows greater performance in total focus area from far to near.








Comfortable Reading Distances

+3.00D near addition and +1.50D intermediate addition of AcrivaUD Trinova is precisely designed considering life quality of the patients. Up to 80 cm reading distance will cover all daily requirements in near and intermediate vision.







 Balanced Light Distribution

Unique zones of AcrivaUD Trinova guarantees similar light distribution pattern at all light conditions. Remarkable spectacles free visual performances not only in the photopic conditions but also in mesopic conditions!














Technical Details

GeneralSinusoidal Trifocal Seamless Vision Technology, Foldable, Single Piece, Aspheric, Achromatic, Hydrophobic Surface, UV, Violet, and Blue Filter

Optic Size6.00 mm

Optic DesignSinusoidal Trifocal SVT (Patent Pending)

Haptic Size11.00 mm

Haptic DesignPlate Haptic (suitable for MICS)

MaterialHydrophobic Surface, BB (Blue Balance), Natural Chromophore, Dynamic Photofiltration

Aspheric ValueUltra Definition Mild Negative Correction

Abbe Number58

Light Transmission92.0 %

Light DistributionPhotopic Conditions: 41% far - 30% intermediate - 29% near 
Mesopic Conditions 45% far - 25% intermediate - 30% near

Square Edge360° All Enhanced Square Edge

Diopter Power Rangesph 0.0 D to +32.0 D (0.5 D increments) 
cyl +1.0 D to + 10.0 D (0.5 D increments)

Refractive Index Wet20°C/ 35°C 1.462/1.462 ± 0.002

Recommended InjectorAcrijet Green 1.8 (up to sph 25.0 D)
Acrijet Green 2.0 (up to sph 28.0 D)
Acrijet Green 2.2 (up to sph 30.0 D)