Moptim is a global medical technology innovator committed to introduce high technology and ophthalmic product solution at affordable price.  The name of "MOPTIM" stands for Medical Optical Imaging. Moptim offers a wide range of product in three categories: Diagnostics (OCT/OCTA, Spectral Domain Optical Biometer, Non-contact Tonometer), Refraction (Handheld Refractometer, Digital Visual Acuity Tester) and Surgical (Operating Microscopes). 

The close cooperation with universities and hospitals is the key to Moptim's innovation. In 2005, Moptim started to collaborate with Tsinghua University and co-established a corporate laboratory focused on the research of optical coherence tomography technology, which is the first research lab for industrialization of OCT technology in ophthalmology. Today, Moptim is the market leader of OCT in China with a strong customer base, and a rising star in global market. 



Mocean 4000, configured with the high-end SLO-OCT combined imaging systems and SLO-based eye tracker, is a powerful platform for advanced application such as OCT Angiography.


  • High scanning speed at 80,000 A-scans/s 

  • Up to 100 images averaging enhances the quality of OCT imaging 

  • 3mm scan depth shows better details of the vitreous, retina and choroid 

  • Real-time 45° SLO retinal imaging 

  • SLO-based retinal tracking 

  • 16mm angle-to-angle scan



  • MethodologySpectral domain OCT

  • Optical sourceSuper luminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm

  • Scan speed80,000 A-scans/s

  • Axial resolution (optical)5 microns (optical), 2.7 microns (digital)

  • Transverse resolution15 microns (optical), 3 microns (digital)

  • A-scan depth3 mm

  • Diopter range- 20 to + 20 diopters

  • Scan patternsMacular: HD line scan (6 / 12 mm), 3D scan (6 mm x 6 mm), 6-line radial scan, Multi (X-Y: 5 x 5) Disc: 3D scan (6 mm x 6 mm) 
    Anterior: HD line scan (6 / 16mm), 6-line radial scan


  • MethodologyLine scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (LSLO)

  • Minimum pupil diameter3.0 mm

  • Field of view45 degrees

  • VASCAN™ OCTA MODULE (Essential / Advance optional)

  • Scanning volume/area3mm x 3mm   256 x 256 A-scans 
    6mm x 6mm   360 x 360 A-scans 
    8mm x 8mm   360 x 360 A-scans 
    12mm x 8 mm   540 x 360 A-scans

  • AlgorithmC-OMAG

  • Segmentation optionsEncoded, Vitreousretina Intrerface(VRI), Superfcial retina, Deepfcial retinal, Avascular, Choriocapillaris, Choriod, Custom

  • Quantitative analysisYes


  • Weight30.5 kg

  • Dimension532 mm (L) x 360 mm (W) x 540 mm (H)

  • Source voltageAC 100 - 240 V

  • Frequency50 Hz - 60 Hz

  • Power input90 VA

  • 45° SLO retinal imaging 

  • SLO-based retinal tracking 

  • 16mm angle-to-angle scan